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Dr. Sarah Moore

I am an integrative GP obstetrician, medical educator, researcher, wife, and mother of two young children. I love working together with women and their families to support them through their pregnancy, birth and beyond, providing person-centred holistic health care in Busselton, Western Australia.  I also work with adults and children providing an integrative approach to their health care. I enjoy teaching medical students and general practice trainees. I am currently completing my Masters in Research, examining the impact of mindfulness training on the stress and self-compassion levels of participating medical students. I am very grateful to be married to a very supportive husband, and have two beautiful daughters who bring much joy to our lives. 

Integrative Medicine, GP Obstetrician, Dr. Sarah Moore

As a GP obstetrician, I work part-time in a private practice in Busselton and provide obstetric services at the Busselton Health Campus, including caring for women during child-birth.  

I provide person-centred, holistic care and work closely with other practitioners who the woman choose to include in their support team.



As an integrative GP, I care for adults and children. My interests include preventative health, women’s health, mental health and chronic disease.

I often receive referrals from other holistic practitioners and enjoy the rewards of observing people heal as they take control of their health with the support of a team of practitioners who are collaborating to achieve their patient’s goals.

Sally Gray , ND, and Dr Sarah Moore have created  an 8-lesson, self-paced education program that has been designed to support women who are planning pregnancy or are already pregnant. The goal of this program is to optimise the woman's health and the health of her baby. The program includes evidence-based and scientifically proven knowledge, resources and tools for creating extraordinary wellness and achieving your deepest desires as a Mum. This program is available for free to women attending Dr Sarah for their pre-conception and antenatal care.


I have developed an online mindfulness-training program, which I piloted with rural medical students in 2016 and 2017. I am now evaluating the program using a randomised control trial with both urban and rural medical students from two local universities.

As a medical educator, I work with students located in the South West of Western Australia for their penultimate year of medical school. I also provide mentoring to students interested in working in rural medical practice, particularly in the field of GP obstetrics. Further to this, I am involved in a number of research projects, focussing on mindfulness training, GP obstetrics mentoring, and Advance Care Planning.

Community service is an important part of my personal and professional self-care practice. I love connecting with members of my community in a range of different ways including; as leader of the Holistic Health Practitioner Network (HHPN), delivering the South West Wellness Festival, promoting the South West Radiance Support Network, coordinating the WA GP Obstetrics Network and Chairing the Busselton Health Campus Medical Advisory and Maternity Services Committees.

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