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As a GP obstetrician, I work part-time in a private practice in Busselton and provide obstetric services at the Busselton Health Campus, including caring for women during child-birth. I provide person-centred, holistic care and work closely with other practitioners who the woman choose to include in her support team. I have a particular interest in optimising mental and emotional wellbeing through healthy nutrition, lifestyle, stress management and nurturing relationships. 



"I love meeting women and their partners before they conceive,

or soon after, and accompanying them on their journey

through pregnancy, child-birth and the postnatal period."



Further to this, I also care for adults and children, with interests in preventative health, mental health and chronic disease. I often receive referrals from other holistic practitioners and enjoy the rewards of observing people heal as they take control of their health with the support of a team of practitioners who are collaborating to achieve the patient’s goals. 


I am also passionate about informing medical students and junior doctors about the training pathways and career opportunities in GP obstetrics in Western Australia. I established the WA GP Obstetrics Network in 2014, inspired to connect GP obstetricians working in rural and remote WA, to share useful information on professional development opportunities and provide support to one another. Many rural and remote GPOs work in isolation and therefore the need for collegial support is high. I have also been working with other stakeholders to support trainees in transitioning into their role as autonomous GP obstetricians, and provide mentoring and career advice on a regular basis. I also run regular workshops for medical students and junior doctors to provide accurate, up to date information on the training requirements and opportunities available to them. 


As a medical educator, I work with medical students who are located in the South West of Western Australia for their penultimate year of medical school. I provide teaching and clinical supervision in general practice and obstetrics and gynaecology, as well as mentorship and support. In this role, I have developed an online mindfulness-training program, which I piloted with rural medical students in 2016 and 2017. I am now evaluating the program using a randomised control trial with both urban and rural medical students from two local universities. I have recently submitted the findings of my 2016 data analysis to a peer-reviewed journal, and hope to have this published shortly. 


I am the GP representative on the South West Radiance Support Network. This Network was established in 2017 to connect parents to local services in the South West to support emotional well-being during early parenthood. Other members of this Network include child health nurses, women’s health services, counselling services, breastfeeding support groups, child care and parent support agencies and holistic health services. The Network hosted the Act Belong Commit Radiance Festival during Perinatal Mental Health Week in November 2017, which included The Big Pram Walk, to raise awareness about perinatal depression and anxiety, and ways to support mothers and their families when they are experiencing this. We had fantastic turnout and the energy was very positive on the day. Another example of my commitment to this cause was my involvement with organising the inaugural Perinatal Mental Health Workshop in Perth in October 2017, aimed at educating GPs, allied health professionals and community members about the prevalence of perinatal mental health issues and management strategies. It was a well-attended event, with affirmative feedback. 


Currently, I am promoting a new online program I have developed with Sally Gray, ND, Happy Healthy Mums and Bubs. This program provides practical, evidence-based information to pregnant women and new mums, focussing on nutrition, mindfulness and other elements of self-care. This has been an exciting journey for both Sally and I, and we are delighted to be able to share this important knowledge with women all over the world. 


Looking to the future, I am committed to working collaboratively with other holistic health practitioners to serve the community in which I live. In the near future, I would love to create an integrative clinic where we are all in one space. I also aspire to share my knowledge and insights with other health practitioners, students and the global community by attending conferences and other events in Australia and around the world. 



"Each person is on their own unique life journey, and finding a team of health practitioners

who will support you to achieve your goals can be a transformational experience.

Whether they be patients, students or other practitioners, I love working with people to assist them in finding meaning and joy amongst the challenges that we all inevitably come across in life."

About 'The Compassionate Doctor'

I am an integrative GP Obstetrician, medical educator, researcher, wife, and mother of two young children. I love working together with women and their families to support them through their pregnancy, birth and beyond, providing person-centred holistic health care in Busselton, Western Australia. I also enjoy teaching medical students and general practice trainees. I am currently completing my Masters in Research, examining the impact of mindfulness training of the stress and self-compassion levels of participating medical students. I am very grateful to be married to a very supportive husband, and have two beautiful daughters who bring much joy to our lives. 


I am inspired to support others to achieve their optimal health of body, mind and spirit, to live in harmony with nature, free from guilt and shame. This inspiration has come from numerous sources, including teachers, colleagues, students, friends and patients. I remember one particular “light bulb” moment when I was at a yoga retreat in 2014. One of the presenters was an Ayurvedic practitioner, Yolanda de Cuerves, and she was describing the principles of this ancient science. She explained that...



"We as humans are composed of the elements of nature – space, air, fire, water and earth –
and our different body types include these elements in varying proportions."



This led me to study the applications of clinical Ayurveda with my teacher Neerja Ahuja from the Ayurveda Awareness Centre, and learn about the intimate relationship between the health of our body-mind-spirit and the environment in which we live. Around the same time I discovered the discipline of Functional Medicine, and began practicing mindfulness meditation and yoga on a regular basis. As I learnt more, I realised that there were many other complementary modalities that I didn’t understand, which led me to create the Holistic Health Practitioner Network (HHPN), bringing together practitioners so that we could learn about our various practices and better support our patients and clients to achieve optimal health using a holistic approach. This Network has provided me with the ongoing inspiration to be curious and open to both the new and the ancient approaches to health and illness, and the more I discover, the more I realise how little I actually know! The HHPN has hosted the South West Wellness Expo in Busselton in 2016 and 2017, and will be running it again in 2018 as the South West Wellness Festival

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2006 - 2011

Masters by Research - University of Western Australia

Foundation Training in Clinical Ayurveda

ACRRM Fellowship 

Fellowship in Advanced Rural General Practice  

RACGP Fellowship

RANZCOG Diploma in Obstetrics - King Edward Memorial Hospital, WA

Masters of Public Health & Tropical Medicine - James Cook University, Townsville, Ext. student (incomplete)

1998 - 2003​

Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (Hons) - Full-time University of Western Australia 

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Lead Medical Coordinator

UWA Rural Clinical School, Busselton

GP Obstetrician

Healthscope Medical Group & Busselton Hospital, Busselton 

Scope of practice: Non-Specialist Proceduralist - Obstetrics 

Director Postgraduate Medical Education

WA Country Health Service, Perth

Medical Coordinator

UWA Rural Clinical School, Broome

General Practice Registrar - Advanced Rural Skills Placement

Kimberley Aboriginal Medical Services Council, Broome

Scope of practice: Non-Specialist Proceduralist - Obstetrics  

GP Obstetrician

Naturaliste Medical Group & Busselton Hospital, Busselton 

Scope of practice: Non-Specialist Proceduralist - Obstetrics

General Practice Registrar – Placement awaiting Fellowship

Naturaliste Medical Group & Busselton Hospital, Busselton 

Scope of practice: Non-Specialist Proceduralist – Obstetrics​

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Australian College of Nutrition & Environmental Medicine

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Holistic Health Practitioner Network Inc

Australian Integrative Medicine Association

Rural Doctors Association – Australia and WA

Royal Australian College of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine

WACRRM/Rural Health West

Royal Australian College of General Practice & National Rural Faculty 

Western Australian Medical Board

Northern Territory Medical Board

Australian Medical Association 

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ACNEM Primary Modules

Metagenics Resolving Chronic Inflammation Seminar

Healthy Vitality mentoring program (6 months)

Finding Balance with Hormones - Healthy Vitality Seminar

Rural Health West Annual Conference

Hypnosis workshop for GPs

Radiance Perinatal & Infant Mental Health Symposium - presenter

Metagenics Maladies of Modernity: Fatigue, Stress & Thyroid Dysfunction Seminar

Metagenics Obesity Seminar

Perth Mindfulness Conference

Metagenics Female Hormones workshop

KEMH GP O&G update

RANZCOG Diplomates Day & OASIS workshop

RANZCOG Regional Scientific Meeting

Introduction to Functional Medicine online module

Metagenics Solving Allergy and Reactivity Seminar

CPR upskilling

Rural Health West Annual Conference

Metagenics Prescribing Effective Personalised Medicine Seminar

Gidget Foundation Perinatal Mental Health Workshop

RCSWA Leadership Program

Metagenics Mastering the Microbiome seminar

IN TIME Obstetrics Emergencies workshop

Rural Health West Annual Conference

Neonatal emergencies workshop

Rural Emergency Skills Training workshop

RANZCOG Annual Scientific Meeting and Dipolmates Days

Mindful Compassion Training workshop

Women in Leadership Symposium

Rural Health West Annual Conference

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO)

Rural Health West Obstetric Ultrasound Workshop

Mental Health Emergency workshop

CPR upskilling workshop

Rural Heatlh West Annual Conference

GP Obstetrics Education Day “The Fetus at Risk”

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8 week program

Supervised Clinical Attachment in Obstetrics - 2 weeks, Swan Districts Hospital

Water immersion for labour and/or birth e-learning package

Cancer Council Women’s Health Day for GPs

MS-2-step online training package

Mastering Open Disclosure Workshop

K2 Medical Systems Intrapartum Cardiotocography training

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RCSWA Integrated Rural Training Pipeline working party

RCSWA Workforce Sub-Committee

Busselton Health Campus Medical Advisory Committee Chair

Holistic Health Practitioner Network Chair

PMCWA Executive Council

Busselton Health Campus Maternity Services Committee

Busselton Health Campus Community Midwifery Program Steering Committee

WACHS South West Obstetric Advisory Committee

Busselton Health Campus Medical Advisory Committee 

WA GP Obstetrics Network Chair 

GP Obstetrics Mentoring Program Working Group

RCSWA Postgraduate Working Party Chair

Rural Practice Pathway Steering Committee

WACHS Prevocational Education and Training Committee

2016 & 2017





Nominee – WA Regional Achievement and Community Awards 

Horizon Power Leadership and Innovation Award

Teaching Award: Small Group Learning, Practicum Setting

WAGPET GP Registrar of the Year 

UWA Helen Jane Lamard Prize in Surgery 

UWA Guild Cruickshank Routley Memorial Award 

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