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Book Review: The Positivity Prescription by Dr Suzy Green

1. What the book is about

This book is a step-by-step program that provides a practical guide to developing a more positive approach to living and proactively prevent mental illness. The strategies outlined in this book are evidence-based and arise from Positive Psychology, a new field of science that aims to optimise human functioning such that we may flourish and thrive. Dr Suzy has created this program to be completed over six weeks for optimal results. Each chapter covers one core element per week with homework to consolidate new skills. The six elements include

1. Mood
2. Motivation
3. Might
4. Meaning
5. Mindfulness
6. Mindset

By the end of the program, the reader will have a comprehensive toolkit for strengthening their positivity across each of these domains and strategies for maintaining positivity practices into the future.

2. What I liked about this book

I really liked the conversational style that Dr Suzy uses to deliver the information in this book. She explains the science in a way that is both convincing and easy to understand, providing the reader with inspiration to take action and integrate each of the positivity practices into their daily life. I found the six-week program to be very achievable; each module provided simple but powerful learnings that could be reflected upon during the week. I also really enjoyed using the accompanying Positivity Journal to make notes and complete the homework.

3. Who should read this book?

This book has been written for anyone who is seeking a fulfilled life of flourishing and contentment. This book is suitable for teenagers through to older adults from all walks of life. People suffering with significant mental illness may also benefit from taking this program, however they should do so in conjunction with their treating health practitioner. Parents may also find this book helpful for role modelling positivity practices to their children.

4. Where you can access this book

I ordered this book from the online shop at The Positivity Institute. You can also purchase a Positivity Journal to keep a record of your progress and continue your positivity practices after you complete the program.

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