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Book Review: your own kind of girl by Clare Bowditch

1. What the book is about

This book is an honest and moving account of the first half of Clare Bowditch’s life. It is the prequel to the story of this famous Australian musician, actress, radio host and business woman’s success. It begins in her early childhood, when her memories are hazy but recollected with the help of her family’s stories, photos and songs. It’s not long before we discover that Clare’s childhood was unlike the childhood most of us experienced, a time of grief and loss but so much love. She shares her consequent struggle with an eating disorder as she attempts to change her body to be like other girls in her class. We learn about how she begins to experiment with song writing, her high school antics, her first job and her first boyfriend; all the while riding the emotional rollercoaster of anxiety. She takes us with her to England, where her grip on life begins to unravel and she has no other option that to return home and begin her path to healing, finding true love and beginning her music career.

2. What I liked about this book

I just loved this book for so many reasons. Clare is a master story-teller. She draws you in with her attention to detail, her hilarious humour and her ruthless honesty. She makes you feel like you’re her best friend with whom she is sharing her deepest secrets and funniest jokes. I love how each chapter shares the title of one of her songs. This prompted me to jump on to Spotify and listen to the corresponding song at the beginning of each chapter, bringing me closer to the story. I love the photo on the front cover: Clare sitting in her blue bathing suit and sunglasses, leaning back with her legs crossed in a pose that was made for the front cover of a women’s magazine. And I love the ending – I won’t give it away but it is a happy one!

3. Who should read this book

I have been recommending this book to anyone who asks me for a book recommendation. In particular, you will love this book if you know Clare Bowditch’s music and bought her albums back in the day. If you have ever lost a family member, experienced an eating disorder, thought about starting a music career or had a nervous breakdown, then this book will likely resonate with you in deep and hopeful ways. If you are a parent of a child who suffers with anxiety, then I commend this book to you. But really, I think everyone should read this book because I loved it and I think you will too.

4. Other work by Clare Bowditch

Obviously, I encourage you to listen to all of Clare’s music because it rocks. You can get the book’s playlist at her website as well as read her blog and learn more about her speaking and music events. You can also subscribe to her “Love Letters” to keep in touch with Clare, which you will want to do because you’ll feel like you are best friends!

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