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first, we make the beast beautiful by Sarah Wilson

What is this book is about?

This is a book about the lived experience of anxiety. It is Sarah Wilson’s autobiography, a raw, honest and inspiring account of how she has co-existed with anxiety for the past 40+ years. It is not chronological but rather flits backwards and forwards, exploring the different seasons of her life with curiosity and compassion. Throughout the book, Sarah shares interviews with others with anxiety, mental health experts, writers and even the Dalai Lama to broaden our perspective on the complex and multifaceted realm of anxiety. Sarah also reflects on her extensive research into the scientific literature to pull it all together and present a new and revealing evaluation of anxiety as “a state of yearning” that leads us towards our true purpose in life.

What I liked about the book

I liked many things about this book. I liked the fact that Sarah was open, authentic and gritty. She doesn’t hold back on sharing her darkest moments, but does so with kindness and a sense of hope. There was one moment where she acknowledged that the details of her story were too intimate to share, and I really respected that. I also liked how she incorporates her comprehensive reading and research on anxiety to signify her experience in a broader context. I also liked how she shares the strategies and tools that she has found useful for living a full and meaningful life with anxiety by her side. I also love the title.

What I disliked about the book


Who should read this book?

This is a story that needed to be told for the greater good of society. If you yourself experience anxiety, if you live or work with someone with anxiety or you are a health professional who cares for people living with anxiety, please read this book. It will likely challenge your beliefs and hopefully open your mind and your heart to a new way of being.

Other work by Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson is an avid writer and has published a number of cookbooks. Many of you will know her as the founder of “I Quit Sugar”. Sarah posts regularly on her blog and has also been interviewed on numerous podcasts. You can check her out at

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